Vehicle Rust Proofing

Vehicle Rust proofing / Wax Oil Rust Prevention Treatment.

Here at J Hollick ltd we specialise in cleaning, repairing and protecting vehicles which are vulnerable to corrosion. Land Rovers, Jeeps, 4X4s, vans, pickups, and classic cars can all be treated here. If you have a vehicle that is susceptible to corrosion, you are welcome to bring it down to us and we will give it an inspection free of charge, if there are any areas that do have any cause for concern we will be happy to accompany you into the workshop and show you the underside of your vehicle while it is on our ramp, we will then talk you though the process we will take to treat it, and what else we can do to ensure the rust doesn’t come back.

How we do it

First we thoroughly steam clean the underside of the vehicle, then once it has dried, usually by the next day, we start to prepare the chassis. Any areas that need attention are shot blasted back to clean metal and then etch primed, if there are any areas that are to badly gone we can cut the section out and neatly weld a new piece in before it is primed. After the priming is done we paint the chassis in Satin Black paint which gives it the original look as it would have done when it left the factory. Finally after the paint is dry we apply a nice clear coat of Wax-Oil to give it that long-life protection.

Chassis Shot-Blasting and Repairs

If there is any concern that chassis or other underbody repairs are required we are fully kitted out to weld and repair. Any badly corroded areas can be cut out and neatly replaced prior to repainting . We can also replace rear cross members and outriggers on Defenders and Discoverys. If the chassis is beyond economical repair there is also an option to fit a replacement galvanised chassis to ensure you can keep your vehicle on the road for a long time.

Treatment application for chassis, bulkhead and door frame injection

Our treatments are heated to the optimum application temperature and injection sprayed into the chassis, bulkhead and other cavities in your vehicle. We can also remove door cards and apply rustproofing to the door frames to prevent them rusting from the inside out.


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